What I wore to Vegas

Boots are by Jeffrey Campbell ❤️

Dress is by Forever 21 I wore these with white adidas for our last night. 

Pants are by freepeople, one piece is by alie express, diamond belt is by wet seal. 



Songs to listen to when you’re trying to get over a breakup. ðŸ’”

The first song I recommend is Mariah Carey-Heartbreaker. No one wants to be super depressed and listen to super depressing music. 

My next song is another old school song and it’s by  Ashanti- Foolish. By the way the bag is from Zara. 

Ciara- I bet.  This is an amazing song because I love Ciara and this song makes me feel powerful. These pants are by Freepeople and they are super comfortable. 

Sam hunt-make you miss me is one of the songs that really gets to you and makes you have one of those ugly kim k faces. lol my shoes are also from Zara and I only paid $10 because they were on sale.☺️ 

The I dropped something pose. Lastly, I have two favorite songs that I’m really into and they are both by Kendrick Lamar they are Loyalty and Love from his new album DAMN. Both of those songs are intense but so good.

So check out those amazing songs and I hope you like my outfit! Leave some comments below with your favorite songs.

Xoxo ❤️

Little Black and Laced Dress.

Today was a beautiful sunny day.  I originally wanted to slouch around in my pjs but I decided to get ready. I wore this little black and laced dress from Freepeople which I found on sale for $44, score! My choker was $10 and I purchased this choker at ZARA and which I’m very stary-eyed over ⭐️.  My sandals are by MIA and I found these sandals at Nordstroms rack . I wore this because it was a comfortable and effortless ​look. â€‹

Sunglasses: Nasty-gal. Choker: Zara
Dress: Freepeople
Sandals: MIA.