My Kind Of Fall Outfit.

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For anyone that might be reading this…This is my kind of Fall Outfit. A long sweater and some boots. I feel like a lot of people might be over these kind of outfits but I love them. I’m wearing a huge and comfortable sweater as a dress…This one is from FentyXPuma  by Rihanna and is called Nomura Hitoshi. This sweater, shirt- dress or whatever other people could refer to it is such an edgy piece of clothing, It’s by far one of my favorite things to wear. The 13 and slits on the side of the sweater make this so feminine and masculine at the same time, anyone could wear this. The blue velvet beauties on my feet are by Cape Robin. These boots are THIGH-HIGH!..and I mean that. I feel like velvet clothing and boots are especially a trend during the fall and winter and I will be using these like crazy. I’ve already gotten so many compliments on them. The good thing with these boots is they fit over denim and looks great with anything. The backpack is from BCBG and has this metallic snake-skin all over. This is something that ties this outfit all together so instead of wearing a huge purse I have something small and cute.

XO, Magdalena.


New Season, New Shoes

I think that everyone should purchase a fresh new pair of kicks when a new season comes around. There are tons of different places to look around for shoes that are affordable. I recently went to the mall and purchased these Adidas superstar kicks. I know everyone has Jumped on the band wagon for these but they’re just so nice and go with everything! Everyone needs a pair of go to sneakers and these are the perfect pair for me.

These next shoes are slip on plat forms… And yes they are velvet! I have been looking for these babies for the longest time and I finally found them. The best thing about this is they were on sale… Woo. I know another black and white pair of shoes but these are also perfect they can go with anything and make an outfit go from plain to amazing! These shoes make me feel taller too and surprisingly I don’t feel like I have huge feet with these platforms. I’m telling you these two pairs of shoes can make anything look cute a romper, a dress, faux leggings…. You’ll just have to stay tuned and see me next posts about the perfect outfits…✌🏾


Bar 3 Black Velvet Platforms


                          Check it out, check it out, check it out…