How I cleared my skin… :)

Growing up I always had trouble with my skin with the hormones, stress, and just the awkward years that I went through.  As an adult I still have trouble with just a few blemishes throughout my period or when I stress out over work. I tried everything and I mean almost everything and I almost gave up trying to clear my skin. I cut  out almost all dairy out of my life  but Pizza is still a struggle to cut out, Lol. On Instagram I came across Sunday Riley’s UFO oil. This oil changed my skin for good. My skins texture is very smooth and plumpy. My pores have gotten smaller and I use to have large pores. This oil has done some amazing things to my skin. The second product that I use on my skin is a face lotion called Tia Mana. I have no idea what kind of products are in Tia Mana but it works great with Sunday Riley’s UFO oil. My skin smells fresh and its super clean so my makeup looks flawless. With time some of my acne scars have slowly disappeared and through this harsh winter my skin has stayed hydrated and hasn’t been flaky like past years. I purchased Sunday Riley’s UFO oil online at Sephora the cost of this product is around $80.00 but it is so worth it. Tia mana is also purchased online through amazon the cost is only $20.00 which is absolutely affordable. The reviews for both products online are 4 out 0f 5 stars so I’m sure other people are enjoying them as well. 🙂dscn1032