What I wore to Vegas

Boots are by Jeffrey Campbell ❤️

Dress is by Forever 21 I wore these with white adidas for our last night. 

Pants are by freepeople, one piece is by alie express, diamond belt is by wet seal. 



Babes Only 💋 

When I run around to do my errands I like to be casual and comfortable. My go to outfit it is always jeans and t shirt and some sneakers or boots. For this day of running around I wore a comfy T-shirt from Forever 21 which I purchased on my trip to Mexico. My denim is from Levi’s these range from $100 and up but I got them on sale ☺️ for $15. My favorite go to bag at this moment is from Alexander Wang it adds a lovely rose gold pop to my outfits. My choker is from Zara which adds some great gold detail.

My Kind Of Fall Outfit.

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For anyone that might be reading this…This is my kind of Fall Outfit. A long sweater and some boots. I feel like a lot of people might be over these kind of outfits but I love them. I’m wearing a huge and comfortable sweater as a dress…This one is from FentyXPuma  by Rihanna and is called Nomura Hitoshi. This sweater, shirt- dress or whatever other people could refer to it is such an edgy piece of clothing, It’s by far one of my favorite things to wear. The 13 and slits on the side of the sweater make this so feminine and masculine at the same time, anyone could wear this. The blue velvet beauties on my feet are by Cape Robin. These boots are THIGH-HIGH!..and I mean that. I feel like velvet clothing and boots are especially a trend during the fall and winter and I will be using these like crazy. I’ve already gotten so many compliments on them. The good thing with these boots is they fit over denim and looks great with anything. The backpack is from BCBG and has this metallic snake-skin all over. This is something that ties this outfit all together so instead of wearing a huge purse I have something small and cute.

XO, Magdalena.

It’s that time of year again…

Where it’s officially Fall. It’s nice and cool in the morning but by noon you can get a heatstroke. What I wore for this outfit is this neat and affordable dress that I got from Ross. The color is rust like but it’s absolutely gorgeous and these pictures just do not do any justice. My boots are Cheetah print (of course) and they were purchased from H&M I got them on sale for $20.00. Now that’s a sale! I had to add some type of pattern to my feet that is why I decide to wear these boots. If I would of worn something solid with no pattern this outfit would be a tragedy. My accessories were gold because they just tie the dress so nicely together. The choker was from forever 21, the name necklace was a gift from my sister, and the heart was another gift from my parents. I really like to layer all my jewelry together like this because it looks so well and my neck and chest don’t look so plain and my outfit doesn’t look boring. (Lol)  My pouch is from Olive + Joy and I got this cute black pouch from Ross for $8.00. Score! This is what I’ll be wearing until we for sure get some cooler weather in this town of mine…

Who said you can’t wear black in the summer? 

As the weather here in the Ojai Valley rises I like to definitely wear loose clothing. I work full time in the summer and my job unfortunately requires for me to wear all black. I know what you’re thinking, black over the summer? And it’s 111 degrees outside, that’s just crazy. I found this little black dress from H&M and I love it. The great thing about this is the dress is loose and the dress has pockets. For a comfy look I added some Nike Air Max and a really nice scarf which is a great pop of color. 

My first Spring outfit… 

Spring is almost here and there are some outfits I recently purchased and that I truly love. This striped dress is super affordable and purchased from Ross only costing me 13$ and the bomber jacket is from Ali Express, it only cost me $40 and these babies go up to $100 online. The great thing about this Jacket is its so sturdy and I’ve put it through plenty of washes and etc and it’s still looks new to me.


Bomber jacket is from Ali Express, Striped dress is from Ross, and some nice Adidas.


This dress is the perfect length not short and not too long also it hugs the body nice.

And I love myself…

This post has been long overdue…but I am back! So much has happened this last year 2015 and this New Year 2016. I’m excited to share my experiences and a bit of my life. For this post I will show a tradition I have been doing every November for my birthday and that is going to Campflognaw. I first went in the year 2014 and I was in love with campflognaw since then. This will be something I will continue to do basically until I get sick of concerts and hip hop and etc, and that will be…Never! I hope you enjoy my new post for 2016…CHEERS XX.

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The Bomber jacket is from Alli-express and very affordable. Denim from H&M shoes are Converse.Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


Enjoying some tasty drinks…of course I only recommend this if you are over the age 21.:)

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CHERRY BOMB! These are some really awesome “Cherry Bomb Masks” that were given out at the concert. I still have mine because I am still obsessed with it. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


My best friend and I. Thank you for everything on that special day. ❤


There are also tons of rides that Tyler likes to have at his festival that look like so much fun. Unfortunately the lines are so long that I would rather eat all the delicious food or listen to whoever is performing then. For those that do not know what Campflognaw is, it’s this really awesome festival that Tyler The Creator has done where there are tons of performing hip hop and r&b artist that perform on three different stages. So Tyler has people running from stage to stage so they can catch their favorite artist performing. This night I saw so many artist and the one artist I mainly wanted to see besides Tyler was A$AP ROCKY, and I did, his performance was AMAZING!



                               Forever 21 Sandals ♥ 


                 Overalls are by Oneteaspoon, Sandals are by Forever21♥
       Jalapeno Margaritas♥ Tamarindo Margaritas