What I wore to Vegas

Boots are by Jeffrey Campbell ❤️

Dress is by Forever 21 I wore these with white adidas for our last night. 

Pants are by freepeople, one piece is by alie express, diamond belt is by wet seal. 



Songs to listen to when you’re trying to get over a breakup. 💔

The first song I recommend is Mariah Carey-Heartbreaker. No one wants to be super depressed and listen to super depressing music. 

My next song is another old school song and it’s by  Ashanti- Foolish. By the way the bag is from Zara. 

Ciara- I bet.  This is an amazing song because I love Ciara and this song makes me feel powerful. These pants are by Freepeople and they are super comfortable. 

Sam hunt-make you miss me is one of the songs that really gets to you and makes you have one of those ugly kim k faces. lol my shoes are also from Zara and I only paid $10 because they were on sale.☺️ 

The I dropped something pose. Lastly, I have two favorite songs that I’m really into and they are both by Kendrick Lamar they are Loyalty and Love from his new album DAMN. Both of those songs are intense but so good.

So check out those amazing songs and I hope you like my outfit! Leave some comments below with your favorite songs.

Xoxo ❤️

The perfect Valentines shoe’s…💋

Valentine’s Day is almost here and of course some of us will be going out with our dates and some of us with our best friends. But the real question  is what are we wearing? As far as outfits that will be up on another post BUT what are the perfect shoes?  When I get ready for a night out I always start with what shoes, boots, and heels do I feel like wearing? What will I be doing because of course I do not want to mess my shoes up 😂. I decided to choose a thigh high boot, a sneaker, and some small booties. Check out next week how I style these boots. 💋

Jeffrey Campbell “Cienega”

Jeffrey Campbell
Nasty Gal

Babes Only 💋 

When I run around to do my errands I like to be casual and comfortable. My go to outfit it is always jeans and t shirt and some sneakers or boots. For this day of running around I wore a comfy T-shirt from Forever 21 which I purchased on my trip to Mexico. My denim is from Levi’s these range from $100 and up but I got them on sale ☺️ for $15. My favorite go to bag at this moment is from Alexander Wang it adds a lovely rose gold pop to my outfits. My choker is from Zara which adds some great gold detail.

How I cleared my skin… :)

Growing up I always had trouble with my skin with the hormones, stress, and just the awkward years that I went through.  As an adult I still have trouble with just a few blemishes throughout my period or when I stress out over work. I tried everything and I mean almost everything and I almost gave up trying to clear my skin. I cut  out almost all dairy out of my life  but Pizza is still a struggle to cut out, Lol. On Instagram I came across Sunday Riley’s UFO oil. This oil changed my skin for good. My skins texture is very smooth and plumpy. My pores have gotten smaller and I use to have large pores. This oil has done some amazing things to my skin. The second product that I use on my skin is a face lotion called Tia Mana. I have no idea what kind of products are in Tia Mana but it works great with Sunday Riley’s UFO oil. My skin smells fresh and its super clean so my makeup looks flawless. With time some of my acne scars have slowly disappeared and through this harsh winter my skin has stayed hydrated and hasn’t been flaky like past years. I purchased Sunday Riley’s UFO oil online at Sephora the cost of this product is around $80.00 but it is so worth it. Tia mana is also purchased online through amazon the cost is only $20.00 which is absolutely affordable. The reviews for both products online are 4 out 0f 5 stars so I’m sure other people are enjoying them as well. 🙂dscn1032




How I Celebrated My Birthday ❤️✨

Hello ❤️,

For my birthday what I always ask for as a gift is to go to Disneyland. Why??? Because it’s my favorite place and it’s somewhere I just love to be. I wore something comfy and warm because it was so cold that day.  I wore Levi’s that were purchased from Ross at $14. My Zara sweater which is not pictured that’s all black and reads “Fashion Tour” and is shredded at the end. I also took my denim backpack from Steve Madden and my Nike air max for extra support on my feet. My accessories were a gift from my boyfriend. The rose gold cuff is from Luv Aj. I’ve wanted this cuff for so long and originally rates at over $100 but I purchase for under $30… Score! I had such an amazing time at Disneyland and of course an amazing time eating. 🍗🍩🍪🍭🍦

Xoxo ❤️

A Winter #ootd 

Hi Babes💋, 

It’s been a while but this beautiful ootd was my casual/comfy/warm look. I went up hwy33 in Ojai,CA for a very fun adventure. I went shooting, which was very stress relieving. My boots are from H&M and were on sale for $20.00, woo!! My jeans (denim) are by Levi’s and originally retailed at over $100 but were purchased at Ross for $16. 😁 My beautiful one piece that ties this wonderful outfit together is  from Zara, its this beautiful gray purple. Then finally my coat was from Forever 21. The coat was purchased a while back but I can’t seem to to remember the price. This was such a comfortable look. I’m not going to lie I was still pretty cold with this long sleeve one piece and coat because they were both pretty thin material. I also live in California so I get cold very quickly lol that means I’ll be freezing in  70 degree weather. Thank you for taking the time to read this or seeing my pictures. 


Magdalena 💋✨⭐️

My Kind Of Fall Outfit.

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For anyone that might be reading this…This is my kind of Fall Outfit. A long sweater and some boots. I feel like a lot of people might be over these kind of outfits but I love them. I’m wearing a huge and comfortable sweater as a dress…This one is from FentyXPuma  by Rihanna and is called Nomura Hitoshi. This sweater, shirt- dress or whatever other people could refer to it is such an edgy piece of clothing, It’s by far one of my favorite things to wear. The 13 and slits on the side of the sweater make this so feminine and masculine at the same time, anyone could wear this. The blue velvet beauties on my feet are by Cape Robin. These boots are THIGH-HIGH!..and I mean that. I feel like velvet clothing and boots are especially a trend during the fall and winter and I will be using these like crazy. I’ve already gotten so many compliments on them. The good thing with these boots is they fit over denim and looks great with anything. The backpack is from BCBG and has this metallic snake-skin all over. This is something that ties this outfit all together so instead of wearing a huge purse I have something small and cute.

XO, Magdalena.

My Date Night Outfit…❤️

What I decided to wear on my date night was something cute and comfortable… because who doesn’t want to wear and feel comfortable on a date. My romper was on sale and its from Guess. This is a Olive colored romper with a little lace. I perfectly paired this romper with my suede Jeffrey Campbell’s. I love these boots they are perfect for Fall and the heel on these are clear which ties this outfit so well together. These boots I must admit  weren’t as comfortable the first time I wore them but I broke them in. Now I can’t stop wearing them. I accessorized this outfit with a gold choker from Zara and metallic lip. 

Of course the perfect spot for a quick photo sesh is my parents garden. 

Xoxo Magdalena 👄

It’s that time of year again…

Where it’s officially Fall. It’s nice and cool in the morning but by noon you can get a heatstroke. What I wore for this outfit is this neat and affordable dress that I got from Ross. The color is rust like but it’s absolutely gorgeous and these pictures just do not do any justice. My boots are Cheetah print (of course) and they were purchased from H&M I got them on sale for $20.00. Now that’s a sale! I had to add some type of pattern to my feet that is why I decide to wear these boots. If I would of worn something solid with no pattern this outfit would be a tragedy. My accessories were gold because they just tie the dress so nicely together. The choker was from forever 21, the name necklace was a gift from my sister, and the heart was another gift from my parents. I really like to layer all my jewelry together like this because it looks so well and my neck and chest don’t look so plain and my outfit doesn’t look boring. (Lol)  My pouch is from Olive + Joy and I got this cute black pouch from Ross for $8.00. Score! This is what I’ll be wearing until we for sure get some cooler weather in this town of mine…