How I Celebrated My Birthday ❤️✨

Hello ❤️,

For my birthday what I always ask for as a gift is to go to Disneyland. Why??? Because it’s my favorite place and it’s somewhere I just love to be. I wore something comfy and warm because it was so cold that day.  I wore Levi’s that were purchased from Ross at $14. My Zara sweater which is not pictured that’s all black and reads “Fashion Tour” and is shredded at the end. I also took my denim backpack from Steve Madden and my Nike air max for extra support on my feet. My accessories were a gift from my boyfriend. The rose gold cuff is from Luv Aj. I’ve wanted this cuff for so long and originally rates at over $100 but I purchase for under $30… Score! I had such an amazing time at Disneyland and of course an amazing time eating. 🍗🍩🍪🍭🍦

Xoxo ❤️


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